Sheila Booth - Is There Anybody Out There?

Modern Hits (an anagram for Other Minds) is a series of digital-only releases by under-recognized electronic music composers from the Bay Area. The series features unreleased recordings as well as reissues of previously released material. Our hope is that the series will shed a new light on the oft-lauded and vibrant electronic music community of the Bay Area.

In the late 70s, Sheila Booth (now Roberts) lived in Half Moon Bay, CA where she helped operate the Half Moon Bay Film School with her then-partner Larry Booth. Originally trained as a painter, Sheila began to make soundtracks to accompany her husband’s films. She dubbed her technique “sound-painting,” the work she made in the period is impressive in its use of minimal resources to maximal affect.

1) Joshua Tree
2) Is There Anybody Out There?
3) The Wheel
4) Recondo

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