Alden Jenks - Drones

Other Minds’ Modern Hits (MH) collection continues with a new installment of four releases. Modern Hits is a series of digital-only releases focused on unearthing archival works by the unsung pioneers of electronic music from the Bay Area and beyond. Previous editions have included work by John Bischo , Ramón Sender, Sheila Booth, and others. This latest edition features works by Tom Djll {pronounced Dill}, Jerry Hunt, Philip Bimstein, and Alden Jenks.

On the aptly named Drones, Alden Jenks shares three longform pieces of delicate synthesis recorded in the late 60s and early 70s. While the pieces are hardly blissful, they represent somewhat of a link between the avant-garde and New Age music scenes simultaneously percolating in the Bay Area in that time period.

1) Namo (1971/2016) 23:00

Tape & Electronics - Alden Jenks

2) Space (for Stephen Hill) (1972) 38:22

Buchla 100 - Alden Jenks

3) Lapis (1968/2016) 8:10

Buchla 100 - Alden Jenks

Charles Amirkhanian – Executive Producer
Andrew Weathers – Producer
Andrew Weathers – Mastering Engineer
Mark Abramson – Packaging Design

© 1968, 1971, 1972, 2016, Alden Jenks

Other Minds Records OM-2022

© 2018 Other Minds www.otherminds.org

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