Phillip Bimstein - Angels, Cats & Shackles

Other Minds’ Modern Hits (MH) collection continues with a new installment of four releases. Modern Hits is a series of digital-only releases focused on unearthing archival works by the unsung pioneers of electronic music from the Bay Area and beyond. Previous editions have included work by John Bischoff, Ramón Sender, Sheila Booth, and others. This latest edition features works by Tom Djll {pronounced Dill}, Jerry Hunt, Philip Bimstein, and Alden Jenks.

Philip Bimstein is a composer and politician based in a small town in rural Utah. His work often engages with the every day lives of those in the community around him. Angels, Cats & Shackles collects three vastly different works. Cats in the Kitchen is a piece for woodwind duo (expertly performed by Michele Fiala and Heidi Pinter) and an electronic accompaniment made from samples of everyday kitchen objects. Lockdown! is a haunting and moving piece made from recorded interviews with young men confined in Washington County Youth Crisis Center in St. George, Utah.

Cats in the Kitchen (2007)
1) Eggs and Toast 5:00
2) O Sole Meow 2:54
3) Where's Your Mouse, McGee? 5:07

Michele Fiala - oboe
Heidi Pintner - flute
Phillip Bimstein - pre-recorded electronics

Recorded in 2007 at Predilection Studio, Athens, OH. Recording engineer - Tom Wilhelm
Originally released on Michele Fiala’s MSR Classics CD, MS1217, “The Light Wraps You: New Music for Oboe.”

2) Angels in the Cracks (1996) 6:50

Sounds recorded by Phillip Bimstein in Great Britain, 1995
Processed, composed and mixed by Phillip Bimstein at Kinesava Studios, Springdale, Utah, 1996

Lockdown! (2005)
3) White Bricks, Green Doors 6:52
4) You’ll Be Good 4:54
5) Handcuffs and Shackles 6:42

Sounds and voices recorded by Phillip Bimstein, 1997-1999 at Washington County Youth Crisis Center in St. George, Utah
Processed, composed and mixed by Phillip Bimstein at Songdog Studios, Salt Lake City, Utah, 2005

Angels in the Cracks and Lockdown! are world premiere recordings

Charles Amirkhanian – Executive Producer
Andrew Weathers – Producer
Andrew Weathers – Mastering Engineer
Mark Abramson – Packaging Design

© 1996, 2005, 2007, Franklin Stark Music (ASCAP)
Other Minds Records OM-2021

© 2018 Other Minds

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