Janice Giteck: Ishi (2004)

Pencil on manuscript paper, 8.5" x 11”.

Janice Giteck's (OM 16) works strive to recapture the ancient musical attributes of ritual and trance, exploring ways in which music can be a truly healing experience. Though she is of Russian Jewish heritage and has explored Judaism’s mystical Kabala, her natural eclecticism and curiosity have drawn her to many cultures and she has learned from them allIshi (Yahi for 'man') is a musical quartet with theater and film. It honors the extraordinary life events of Ishi (1860-1916) the last known survivor of stone-age North America. Each of the six movements features a part of the enduring Ishi legacy and summons the spirit of his earthy relationship with reality as the last Yahi Indian, the last speaker of his 4,000 year old language, the last to know the myths, creation stories, the medicine."

Listen to Giteck's Ishi performed at the 16th Other Minds Festival in 2011.

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