Dan Becker: Revolution sketch (2004)

Pencil and marker on paper, 8.5" x 11”.

Born in 1960, Dan Becker (OM 13) is a San Francisco-based composer whose wide-ranging achievements both exemplify and reflect a life dedicated to new music in America. Becker’s artistic work has been described as “post-minimalist” due to the strong influence of works by Terry Riley, with whom he studied, and other minimalists of the early 1960s including La Monte Young, Steve Reich, and Philip Glass. Becker describes his work Revolution as “an energetic and motoric work that is part interpretation, part meditation, on excerpts from a Martin Luther King Jr. speech. The piece, written in close collaboration with the New York City-based virtuoso pianist and fearless musical explorer Kathy Supové, was commissioned with funds from Meet the Composers' Commissioning USA program.”

Listen to Becker's piece Revolution performed by pianist Kathleen Supové at the 13th Other Minds Festival in 2008.

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