Keeril Makan: sketches for Resonance Alloy (2007)

Pencil and black ink on Archives manuscript paper, 155" x 12”.

Keeril Makan's Resonance Alloy was commissioned for Other Minds 13 in March 2008. According to the composer, “the piece is scored for three cymbals and a gong. By using closely related instruments, the sonic landscape of these vibrating metals is carefully expanded. Two of the cymbals are placed on top of drums; the drums act as resonators, enhancing details of the cymbals’ timbre. The instruments are arranged so that they can come in contact with each other in different combinations to create new clangorous hybrids. Although the score controls the ordering of events and playing techniques, the performer controls the speed at which the piece progresses.”

Listen to Makan's piece Resonance Alloy performed by percussionist David Shively at the 13th Other Minds Festival in 2008.

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