David A. Jaffe: The Space Between Us

 Page 13, pen on paper, 11" x 14”.

David A. Jaffe's The Space Between Us was commissioned for Other Minds 16 in March 2011. Jaffe’s technical innovations date back to the early 1980s, when he developed a breakthrough technique for plucked string synthesis, in collaboration with Alex Strong, Kevin Karplus and Julius Smith. He has continued to explore his interests in physical modeling and software design as part of the Sondius/SynthBuilder project. He has pioneered the musical use of the Mathews/Boie Radio Drum, a 3D electronic performance sensor designed at Bell Labs and used in this piece, in collaboration with Andrew Schloss.

Listen to Jaffe's piece The Space Between Us performed by Andrew Schloss, Del Sol String Quartet, and Left Coast Chamber Ensemble at the 16th Other Minds Festival in 2011.

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