Cavalcanti: A Perspective on the Music of Ezra Pound (by Robert Hughes & Margaret Fisher)

Format: Oversized paperback; Publisher: Second Evening Art.

The first printed edition of a complete music work by the American poet Ezra Pound: The book, in two parts, features the following:

I. The first systematic analysis of Pound's music training, the application of his musico-poetic theories, methods of composition, and a music analysis of the opera. Addendum I: The genesis and sources of Pound's Great Bass theory; Addendum II: the first complete listing and description of Pound's dozen works for solo violin. Authors: Robert Hughes and Margaret Fisher. 

II. The definitive performance edition drawn from the uncatalogued and dispersed music manuscripts in the Beinecke Manuscript and Rare Book Library (Yale University). This is the full music score with piano reduction and stage instructions; editorial notes are by Robert Hughes. The three-act one hour opera is a dramatization of the life of the Florentine poet Guido Cavalcanti (1250-1300), friend of Dante, through eleven of his canzone and ballate. Two additional numbers are settings of poems in Provencal by Sordello. All music is composed by Ezra Pound. Additional narrator's script, dialogue, and stage instructions are by Pound.

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