Robert Hughes - HCE

Robert Hughes, composer and author, is a graduate of the University of Buffalo (now SUNY Buffalo) and composition student of Aaron Copland, Carlos, Chavez, Luigi Dallapiccola, and Lou Harrison. He has written for symphony orchestra, chamber ensemble, voices, performance art events and a wide variety of media, including twenty film scores and a large body of electronic music. His compositions include commissions from the San Francisco Symphony, Cabrillo Music Festival, Oakland Symphony, Arch Ensemble for Experimental Music, Department of the Interior, Houghton-Mifflin, and Walt Disney.

1. HCE
for six voices

2. Compleynt
for two sopranos and harpsichord

3. Madrigal
for four voices

4. That's Me
for Dixieland Band

5. Herbert's Babies
for French horn (and overdub) and electric bass

6. An Adament Apple
a canon for two voice parts

7. Missa Corporis - Introitus

8. Missa Corporis - Kyrie

9. Missa Corporis - The Golden Positions

10. Missa Corporis - Pater Noster

11. Miss Corporis - Litany
(tracks 7-11) for chorus

12. The Usury Canto
for children’s voices and Prophet 10 synthesizer

13. Arktos - Glacier Bay

14. Arktos - Mount McKinley
(tracks 13, 14) for full orchestra, conducted by Robert Hughes

15. The Desert Grows
for voice and Prophet 10 synthesizer, performed by Robert Hughes

16. Music of the Gold Rush - The Dirty Miner

17. Music of the Gold Rush - I Have Found Thee
(tracks 16, 17) for soprano and small orchestra, arranged by Robert Hughes

18. Music of the Gold Rush - Qui La Voce (Bellini)
for soprano and small orchestra, Bellini’s original score conducted by Robert Hughes

19. Music of the Gold Rush - Minnie Adair

20. Comin' Thro' the Rye
(tracks 19, 20) for soprano and small orchestra, arranged by Robert Hughes

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