Rhys Chatham: Harmonie du Soir (LP)

Rhys Chatham’s Harmonie du Soir presents three heavenly compositions. The title track is the first major piece written for the configuration of six electric guitars, electric bass and drums since Die Donnergötter (1986). The second is The Dream of Rhonabwy, a piece written for large brass ensemble and percussion, realized in 2012 by a 70-piece brass band called Harmonie de Pontarlier, lead by the French conductor Patrick Erard. The last track on the CD version and bonus download for the vinyl edition is a 2012 studio performance of Drastic Classicism Revisited featuring Rhys Chatham, David Daniell, and Ryan Sawyer. The whole package is presented lovingly, mastered beautifully by James Plotkin, with extensive notes by Mr. Chatham.

Recently released by Northern Spy Records.


Track Listing:


Side A

1. Harmonie du soir (22:26)

2. The Dream of Rhonabwy (20:26)

Side B

3. Drastic Classicism Revisited (9:36) [bonus track]

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