ATARAXIA - Works with Sound (79/81) Track listing: 

1. Suono Interno (2:50) 2. Rallentando (2:50) 3. Lunar Rambles (9:24) 4. Culvert (9:24) (Featuring - Bill GIlbert , Bootz Hubbard) 5. Berlin Attic Wire, Beating (24:44) 6. Berlin Attic Wire, Bowing (15:07) 

"Sound is a means of communication, a universal language. It enters the healthy ear without impediments of language or prejudice it is perceived by every culture in the same way: via the auditory canal. It enters the ear without consent of the listener. It vibrates the eardrum. It requires no intellectualization. No intelligence is necessary. No common language need be spoken. Illiteracy is irrelevant. Sound pauses as pulses in the air. Performance is, for me, an attempt to discover a language or method of communication which bypasses these barriers as sound does. The most important aspect of performance is the elimination of media or mediating or condition. The action is performed live and in front of its receiver. It exists only on these terms and in this context and no other: like eating. My work with the labyrinth led increasingly to the almost limit less sculptural possibilities of sound." —Terry Fox

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