The Complete Music of Carl Rugggles [OM-1020-21-2]

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Reissued from the historic 1980 CBS Masterworks LP
. This 2CD set Includes original liner notes plus a rare critical essay by composer Lou Harrison. Carl Ruggles (1876–1971) was an innovative American composer who used "dissonant counterpoint" to fashion a body of work both finely crafted and wrought with emotional power. This reissue includes world-renowned conductor Michael Tilson Thomas with the Buffalo Philharmonic, the original liner notes plus a rare essay on Ruggles by Lou Harrison and historic photos of the composer. 


Disc 1
1. Toys (For Voice and Piano) . 1:38
Judith Blegen, Soprano
Michael Tilson Thomas, Piano
Vôx Clamans in Deserto
(for Chamber Orchestra and Mezzo-Soprano)
2. I — Parting at Morning. 1:14
3. II — Son of Mine . 1:34
4. III — A Clear Midnight . 3:22
Beverly Morgan, Mezzo-Soprano
Speculum Musicae
5. Men. 2:17
Buffalo Philharmonic
6. Angels (Original Trumpet Version). 2:54
Brass Ensemble, Gerard Schwarz, Leader
Men and Mountains
7. I — Men. 2:42
8. II — Lilacs. 2:57
9. III — Marching Mountains. 4:30
Buffalo Philharmonic
10. Angels (Trumpet/Trombone Version). 3:16
Brass Ensemble, Gerard Schwarz, Leader
11. Sun-Treader. 16:22
Buffalo Philharmonic
Disc 2
1. Portals (For String Orchestra). 6:39
Buffalo Philharmonic
Evocations (Original Piano Version)
2. I — Largo . 1:54
3. II — Andante Con Fantasia. 2:50
4. III — Moderato Appassionato. 1:39
5. IV — Adagio Sostenuto. 2:58
John Kirkpatrick, Piano
Evocations (Orchestral Version)
6. I — Largo . 2:29
7. II — Andante Con Fantasia. 3:40
8. III — Moderato Appassionato. 1:41
9. IV — Adagio Sostenuto. 3:52
Buffalo Philharmonic
10. Organum. 6:17
Buffalo Philharmonic
11. Exaltation
(For Brass, Chorus and Organ). 7:22
Brass Ensemble, Gerard Schwarz, Leader
Gregg Smith Singers, Gregg Smith, Director
Leonard Raver, Organ
All tracks except Toys and Evocations (Piano Version) conducted by Michael Tilson Thomas

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