Kui Dong: Since When Has The Bright Moon Existed? [OM-1018-2]

Chinese-American composer Kui Dong draws inspiration from old forms, employs unusual instrumental combinations, and even commingles four languages within her compositions on this collection of world premiere recordings. The major work Shui Diao Ge Tou and Song is performed brilliantly by San Francisco's adventurous choir Volti, led by conductor Robert Geary, who also presents the heartfelt Let Frogs and Crickets Carry It On with the Piedmont Children's Choir. Pianists Sally Pinkas and Evan Hirsch perform a stark set of three works, Miniatures V-VII, and the bold pairing of the Chinese music ensemble Melody of China with the Del Sol String Quartet bears brilliant results on Dong's seasons cycle, inspired by both Vivaldi and Cage, titled Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.


1.Shui Diao Ge Tou and Song (2001, rev. 2003) 20:27
for mixed chorus, percussion (2 players) and piano
Volti : Robert Geary - conductor, Floran Conzetti & Chris Froh - percussion, Keisuke Nakagoshi - piano
2-4.Miniatures V–VII (2003) 2:17 1:09 3:38
Sally Pinkas & Evan Hirsch - pianos
5. Let Frogs and Crickets Carry It On (2005-2006) 10:58
for treble clef voice ensemble
I. The Game
II. Let the Frogs and Crickets Carry It On
III. Ludamus Denuo
Piedmont Children’s Choir: Robert Geary - conductor
6-9. Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter (2006) 6:01 6:02 6:45 5:21
for zheng (chinese horizontal harp), dulcimer, horse head fiddler/sona,sheng and string quartet
Melody of China & Del Sol String Quartet

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