Del Sol String Quartet: Ring of Fire [OM-1016-2]

Home to earthquake swarms and volcanic eruptions, the countries of the Pacific Rim also produce some of the world's most groundbreaking composers. San Francisco's Del Sol String Quartet leads an inspiring seven- country tour. 20-page booklet essay by Charles Amirkhanian with photos. Works by: John Adams, Jack Body, Kui Dong, Gabriela Lena Frank, Hyo-shin Na, Peter Sculthorpe, Chinary Ung, Zhou Long.


1. Kui Dong (1966, China)
“Spring,” from Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter
Suite (2006) 5:59 †
2. Chinary Ung (1942, Cambodia)
Spiral X: In Memoriam for amplified string quartet
(2007) 11:38 †
3. Jack Body (1944, New Zealand)
Epicycle (1989; rev. 2005) 13:14 †
4. Gabriela Lena Frank (1972, USA)
“Chasqui,” from Leyendas: An Andean Walkabout (2001)
5. Hyo-shin Na (1959, South Korea)
Song of the Beggars (1998) 4:53 †
6. Zhou Long (1953, China)
Song of the Ch’in (1982) 8:59
7. John Adams (1947, USA)
“Toot Nipple,” from John’s Book of Alleged Dances
(1994) 1:22
8. Peter Sculthorpe (1929, Australia)
“Yearning,” from String Quartet No. 16 (2005) 5:14 †
9. Del Sol String Quartet
What Remains (Improvisation, 2007) 4:11 †
Total Time: 59:31
world premiere recording
Del Sol String Quartet:
Kate Stenberg
Rick Shinozaki
Charlton Lee
Hannah Addario-Berry

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