Kui Dong: Hands Like Waves Unfold [OM-1011-2]

Kui Dong's first release of solo improvisations. Better known as a composer, Kui Dong's solo improvisations playfully exploit the full range and color of her prepared piano, with a dedication to the detail of each sound that only an accomplished composer could attain. Kui Dong uses piano preparations designed by John Cage as a starting point for her own improvisations.


1.) Magician and Traveler: Ensemble - 4:48

2.) Broken Moon - 6:45

3.) Running Ducklings - 2:10

4.) Temple of the Far East - 7:40

5.) Magician and Traveler: Solo - 2:53

6.) Blue Bird and Red Bird - 8:00

7.) In Between - 11:25

8.) Floating Stars - 8:13

9.) Dancing Stars - 5:02

10.) Yao Lan Qiu - 7:18

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