George Antheil: The Complete Works for String Quartet [OM-1008-2]

Featuring the Del Sol String Quartet. This CD represents the first-ever complete compilation of Antheil's string quartet works, each of which was composed during a different stylistic era in Antheil's development. The result is a tour through a variety of familiar 20th- Century styles now inhabited by the ghosts of five "new" very provocative pieces that comprise a missing link in the repertoire of American 20th- Century music.


The physical edition is nearly sold out, but this release is still available through digital outlets such as iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, & Naxos.


Lithuanian Night (1922) 3:29
1 I. Moderato 2:14
2 II. Presto 1:12
Quartet No. 1 for Strings in one movement (1925) 14:24
3 Allegretto allegro
Quartet No. 2 for Strings (original version, 1927) 19:30
world premiere recording
“For Sylvia Beach, with Love”
4 I. Larghetto; Allegro subito 7:48
5 II. Lento 4:02
6 III. Rondino scherzino—Allegro vivace 6:29
7 IV. Presto—Cadenza fi nale 1:03
Six Little Pieces for String Quartet (1931) 7:50
world premiere recording
“For Mary Louise Bok”
8 I. Moderato expressivo 1:12
9 II. Allegro :49
10 III. Andante 1:37
11 IV. Allegro :42
12 V. Vivo :43
13 VI. Adagio 2:36
Quartet No. 3 for Strings (1948) 17:32
14 I. Allegretto 5:30
15 II. Largo 5:12
16 III. Scherzo—Quasi presto 2:12
17 IV. Allegro giocoso 4:29

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