Ego Scriptor Cantilenae: The Music of Ezra Pound [OM-1005-2]

Between 1920 and 1933, the American writer Ezra Pound composed two complete operas and several pieces for solo violin, all in a very personal language that drew from sources as diverse as troubadour music and Igor Stravinsky. The resulting body of music is of surpassing beauty and casts new light on the practice of prosody, the elusive craft of setting texts to music. The first and only available CD recording of its kind, Ego Scriptor Cantilenae features outstanding historical performances from England, the U.S., and Holland, as well as new studio recordings by the Other Minds Ensemble. This deluxe package also includes an 80-page booklet by Pound scholar Margaret Fisher, with previously unpublished photographs.


Track Listing:

Tracks 1-6 Selections from Le Testament (1923)

1 Brothel Music [0:18]

2 Dictes moy [2:00]

3 Heaulmiere's Aria - "Ha, vieillesse felonne et fiere" [8:06]

4 Dame du ciel [3:37]

5 Pere Noe [5:27]

6 Freres humains [8:48]


Tracks 7-12 Fiddle Music First Suite (1923- 1924) [3:12]

Track 13 AI poco giorno (c. 1931) [6:05]


Tracks 14-20 Selections from Cavalcanti (1931-1933)

14 Poi che di doglia [1:56]

15 Sol per pieta [2:06]

16 Cianni quel Cuido [1:29]

17 Tos temps serai [0:45]

18 Ailas [2:27]

19 Quando di morte [5:58]

20 Perch'io non spero [6:09]


Track 21 Frottola (c. 1931) [2:03]

Track 22 Selection from Collis 0 Heliconii (1932) [4:51]

Carmen LXI


Track 23 . aliter - l'lJathan Rubin, violin, March 28, 1983 [0:33]


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