Conlon Nancarrow: Lost Works, Last Works [OM-1002-2]

Hidden treasure is always thrilling, particularly when it means recovering the forgotten works of a great artist. This historic CD offers a selection of previously unrecorded rarities by composer Conlon Nancarrow, including Piece for Tape, a dazzling rhythmic exercise in musique concréte. Listeners are also treated to the composer's own recording of his study for prepared player piano, as well as a rare interview with the composer himself.

Track Listing:

1. Prelude for Piano (1935) 1:00

2. Blues for Piano (1935) 2:20

3-5. Sonatina for Piano (1941) 4:02

6-7. String Quartet No. 1 4:33

8. Piece for Tape (undated) 2:04

9. Study No. 30 for prepared piano (undated) 2:58

10. Para Yoko (1990) 2:27

11. Study No. 50 (ca. 1991) 3:57

12. Study No. 51 ("3750") (1992) 1:25

13. Contraption No. 1 (1993) 3:18

14-21. Conlon Nancarrow speaks with Charles Amirkhanian (30:50)

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