OM LIVE: Aleksandra Vrebalov – Quartet No. 2

String Quartet No. 2 (1997)

"In the summer of 1996, I met David Harrington in New York. We talked about music, life, weather, food, and friends. Soon after that, I had a dream with a string quartet soundtrack. This materialized in the form of the last, fourth section of the work and led me to begin it in the first place. It took me eight months to finish it. At that time, I was moving back to Yugoslavia after a year spent in San Francisco, and in that transitional and restless phase of my life, work on the quartet was the only stable and permanent anchor. The subtitle of the piece, "Sketches on Pendulums, Loss, Autism, and Nine Places," encompasses many of the feelings with which I dealt at the time: the necessity to leave the people and place whom I came to love so much, the feeling of being trapped in a hermetic world of memories, and pendulum-like life happenings, in which light and dark constantly shift."...

Recorded at the Cowell Theater at Ft. Mason, San Francisco, California on March 8th, 2001.

World Premiere Recording © 1997 Aleksandra Vrebalov

Performed by Left Coast Chamber Ensemble


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