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By making a donation to Other Minds, you will support innovative new music and join an ever-growing community of ingenious artists, performers, composers, music adventurers, and more. Your contribution to Other Minds supports our many ongoing programs: yearly concert programs (including our 22nd festival paying tribute to Lou Harrison in 2017, as well as our new Nature of Music series), special presentations (i.e. A Secret Rose for 100 electric guitars), our radio hour “Music from Other Minds” broadcasted every Friday night at 11PM on KALW 91.7, the production of OM Records, and more.

As we wind down yet another stellar year, help us prepare for our next musical odyssey.

You can choose to support our Centennial tribute to Lou Harrison, our day-to-day operations (yes, we have an active office with staff year round!), or the ongoing preservation of our audiovisual archives that can be seen and heard on radiOM.org. 

Tailor your donation by specifying how we should use your money within the chosen program (i.e., to support a specific artist of the festival, or for us to buy a new computer, etc.).

Enjoy these premiums when you make your tax deductible donation by June 30, 2017.

MINIMALIST ($40-$124) 


Choose one of the three CDs below

NEO-CLASSICIST ($250-$499)

Choose two of the three CDs

POST-MODERNIST ($500-$999)

Receive all three CDs

EXPRESSIONIST ($1,000-$4,999)

Receive all three CDs, plus membership in the Host Committee for OM Festival 23 – Sound Poetry


All the benefits of the Expressionist category, plus season passes for two to The Nature of Music Series.

CD Options

[new!]Composer-Critics of the New York Herald Tribune

[reissued!]Charles Amirkhanian's Lexical Music

or 10+2: 12 American Text Sound Pieces.

Please Note: Unless you decline your premium, IRS regulations require that the value of your gift, must be deducted from the total of your tax-deductible contribution to OM. Your donation acknowledgement letter will reflect this amount.*

*If your employer can match your contribution, please provide their name when making your donation. You will need to submit the appropriate paperwork provided by your employer to our office at the address below.

If you are new to Other Minds check out the intro video and consider joining A Gather of Other Minds.


For more information on how you can help Other Minds, contact:

Kate Wees

Development Director


(415) 934-8134 

Other Minds

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