Dohee Lee: SoRi = sound

SoRi = sound

Dohee Lee - Korean Percussion (Kwaengkwari Set, Buk set, Janggo, Bells, Singing bowls), Taepyungso, Voice
Tatsu Aoki - Contrabass, Shamisen, Taiko Drum


SoRi of Taepyung (Peace) 1:11
SoRi of Chun (Heaven) 5:18
SoRi of Hon (Spirits) 5:26
SoRi of Parang (Inspired by Korean folk song "Parangse") 4:30
SoRi of Taeguk (Harmony) 3:35
SoRi of Go (Percussion) 5:44
SoRi of Pan (Inspired by Korean Opera Shimchung) 6:59
SoRi of Gongsu (Chant) 4:06
SoRi of Param (Wind) 4:55
SoRI of Parang II (different version) 4:00

Released on: 2008-09-10
asian improw records AIR0073

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