Del Sol Quartet with Stephen Kent - Peter Sculthorpe's Complete String Quartets with Digjeridu

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In these provocative late string quartets, renowned Australian composer Peter Sculthorpe essays a deeply emotional landscape, traversing fraught subjects of genocide and global warming to more optimistic ones of hope and tender mercy, with definitive performances by the dynamic Del Sol Quartet and didjeridu virtuoso Stephen Kent.

Package includes two audio CDs and a Blu-Ray disc with high-quality audiophile editions of the recordings.


"...riveting, almost heart-wrenching performances of the four late quartets which incorporate the didgeridoo playing of Stephen Kent, one-time music director of Circus Oz. For the first time, those long pedal tones and vivid elaborations emerge organically from Sculthorpe's scores, as though the composer had written the didgeridoo parts. That unlikely combination of instruments, polar opposites in many respects, is now compelling and deeply moving. The recording quality is brilliantly clear in Pure Audio Blu-ray; the listener finds himself inside the ensemble, alert to every one of Sculthorpe's signature nuances, every bird, insect and breeze carried by glorious gasps of melancholia and jarring outbursts of anger." – Vincent Plush

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