Zhou Long: Tales From the Cave

Zhou Long, conductor ; Music from China Ensemble. Zhou Long: Tales from the Cave (1998) 

Heng (Eternity) (1987) Valley Stream (1982) Secluded Orchid (2000) Five Elements (Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth) (2002). 

Crossing cultural boundaries and connecting the passion and beauty of the Five Mystic Elements, Zhou Long's Tales From The Cave is both a Classical and World Music treasure. Zhou Long is internationally recognized for creating a unique body of music that brings together the aesthetic concepts and musical elements of East and West. The Music From China Ensemble celebrates two decades of performing traditional and contemporary Chinese music to audiences throughout the U.S. The Ensemble has been praised by the New York Times for 'grace and virtuosity' in performance. The ensemble's numerous appearances have included Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center and the Library of Congress. (From the Delos website)

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