The Music of Dary John Mizelle [ltd. ed. CD]

The Music of Dary John Mizelle was originally released in 1981 on Irida Records, the briefly extant private press label run by the composer and performance artist Jerry Hunt. The three pieces within found Mizelle playing and processing a Japanese shakuhachi, writing for solo bass, as well as an ensemble of 24 celli.
In the new liner notes to the album, Vanessa Ague states that “Mizelle’s penchant for forming wholly mesmerizing sonic landscapes...exemplifies the vast scope of his work.” While he deals with seemingly unrelated ensembles and timbres, each piece contained within contributes to a unified sonic whole. The composer’s unique combination of extended techniques and densely layered rhythmic patterns ensure that timbre and texture are at the fore across the entirety of the collection. It’s this focus on texture and density that allows a reading of this music as an unheralded precursor to the “power ambient” of composers like Tim Hecker, Ben Frost and their aesthetic peers. 

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