10+2: 12 American Text Sound Pieces (LP, original pressing from 1750 Arch)

The best-selling recording in the history of American sound poetry, 10+2 was a novelty at the time of its release in 1975, when unpitched speech was rarely used outside of literary circles as performance material. Out of print for 20 years and available now for the first time on CD, this definitive anthology of speech music by composers, writers, and artists contains examples of the best work of Charles Amirkhanian, Beth Anderson, Robert Ashley, John Cage, Clark Coolidge, Charles Dodge, John Giorno, Anthony Gnazzo, Brion Gysin, Liam O'Gallagher, and Aram Saroyan.

Other Minds has a limited number of the sealed original pressing vinyl, originally released in January 1975 as 1750 Arch Records S-1752.


Track Listing:
  1. Just (1972) 4:30 | Charles Amirkhanian 
  2. Heavy Aspirations (1973) 5:58 | Charles Amirkhanian 
  3. Preface (1968—excerpt) 5:41 | Clark Coolidge 
  4. 62 Mesostics Re Merce Cunningham (1971) 6:18 | John Cage (Jack Briece, vocalist)

  5. Give It to Me, Baby (1967) 5:34 | John Giorno

  6. The Population Explosion (1969) 4:33 | Anthony Gnazzo 
  7. Speech Songs (1973—excerpt: No. 1. When I Am with You;) 1:35 | Charles Dodge 
  8. Speech Songs (1973—excerpt: No. 2. He Destroyed Her Image) 2:00 | Charles Dodge
  9. In Sara, Mencken, Christ and 3:53 Beethoven There Were Men and Women (1972-73—excerpt) | Robert Ashley
  10. Torero Piece (1973—excerpt) 3:44 | Beth Anderson
  11. Come to Free the Words (1962) 3:28 | Brion Gysin
  12. Border Dissolve in Audiospace 12:43 (1970) | Liam O’Gallagher
  13. crickets (1965) | Aram Saroyan
Total Time 64:31

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