Amy X Neuburg: Residue [OM-1007-2]

A crossover artist defying definition, Amy X Neuburg's classically-trained vocal lyricism achieves an astounding range of expression when she adds live electronics and percussion, compositional prowess, and clever lyrics to the mix, twisting multiple musical styles - from cabaret and hard rock to classical - together into something all her own.

Track Listing:

1. The Tattoo Song (7:33)

2. Stone (3:13)

3. My Fuzzy Muse (3:21)

4. Atten-tion (3:06)

5. Every Little Stain (4:12) 

6. My God  (6:28)

7. Insomniac (3:09)

8. Just a Sound (3:55)

9. Life Stepped In (4:51)

10. Finally Black (3:27)

11. These Heavy Gaps (5:19)  

12. Residue (4:27)

Total Time: Approx 51 min


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