OM LIVE: Catherine Lamb – Dilations

Dilations (2007)

"I began to work on Dilations early in the Summer of 2007. Its form (feeling like a sculpture), being a series of openings, drifted in and out of my awareness until about a year later when I wrote the text. I decided that the text (entitled: cloud on cloud) and (ever subtly changing) form were congruent because both had come from similar spaces. The text, in a sense, informed its structure, its "cloud-like" presence throughout the unfolding, existing sound world. I continued to approach the piece like a sculpture, forming its shape from all sides, the text floating within." ...

Recorded live in concert at Other Minds Festival 14 at Kanbar Hall, Jewish Community Center, San Francisco, California on March 6, 2009. 

World Premiere Recording © 2007 Sacred Realism (ASCAP)

Carl Boe - tenor

Trey Costerisan - tenor

Noah Miller - tenor

Jeff Anderle - bass clarinet

Phil O’Connor - bass clarinet

Jonathan Russell - bass clarinet

Gianna Abondolo - cello

Erika Duke-Kirkpatrick - cello

Thalia Moore - cello


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