John Bischoff - Next Tone, Please

Modern Hits (an anagram for Other Minds) is a series of digital-only releases by under-recognized electronic music composers from the Bay Area. The series features unreleased recordings as well as reissues of previously released material. Our hope is that the series will shed a new light on the oft-lauded and vibrant electronic music community of the Bay Area.

John Bischoff’s Next Tone, Please was released as a cassette on Frog Peak Music in 1986, and since then has been incredibly difficult to find. Other Minds is excited to make this work more widely available. The five pieces within range from just intonation computer music (from way back when nobody had a computer) to manipulated field recordings. In a genre not particularly known for its warmth, Bischoff has carved out a musical language for himself that is unique, expressive and still conceptually dense.

1) Next Tone, Please
2) Between Two Buildings
3) Artificial Horizon
4) Audio Wave
5) Space Detail

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