Hanna Kulenty: Arcs & Circles

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Arcs & Circles: Porträtkonzert / Portrait Concert, 5. November 2000, Deutschlandfunk. Released: June 2001. 

'Arcs & Circles' is a registration of a portrait concert for the German Radio 'DeutschlandRadio' in November 2000. It contains all the four Circles 
(Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth), 
the percussion piece Arci 
and Stretto. The recordings were made in the radio studio in Cologne (D). A Third Circle  (7:29), Frank Peters - piano
A Fourth Circle  (20:54), Reimund Korupp - violin, Frank Peters - piano
A Fifth Circle  (7:56), Carin Levine - alto flute, Georg Hajdu - delay
A Sixth Circle  (13:44), Marco Blaauw - trumpet, Frédéric Lagnau - piano
Arci  (10:55), Edith Salmen - percussion 
Stretto  for flute, clarinet, cello, guitar  (9:31),
Carine Levine, Bernhard Kösling, Stephan Breith and Seth Josel

Hanna Kulenty was a featured composer at OM 10.

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