Kyle Gann: Long Night (for 3 pianos)

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Kyle Gann was a featured composer at OM 16.

Long Night is an exquisitely drifting, ever-unfolding work for three pianos, all of which are played by noted new music pianist Sarah Cahill. Kyle Gann is a highly regarded composer, author, and award-winning critic (prolifically penning over 2,000 articles for 40 publications) who has written about new music for the Village Voice since 1986. His own music, informed by the American experimental tradition, is complex, unusual, beautiful, and moving. 

From Kyle's own notes on the piece:

"Long Night for three pianos was an attempt to extend the looping technique of Terry Riley's In C into the ambient/atmospheric area of Harold Budd and Brian Eno. I wrote the piece in grad school, gave it a trial run in 1980, and then made some much-needed revisions. The premier of the final version was at my doctoral recital at Northwestern, April 30, 1981. The piece was repeated on the New Music America festival at Chicago's Navy Pier on July 8, 1982. The next performance was a quarter-century later on September 28, 2007 at Bucknell University, with pianists Lois Svard, Megan Rowland, and Anja Wade. In the meantime, Sarah Cahill had made a recording of it for the COld Blue label, overdubbing the three pianos."

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