The Guests Go Into Supper - 384-PAGE BOOK

The guests go in to supper: Texts by, and interviews with, John Cage, Robert Ashley, Yoko Ono, Laurie Anderson, Charles Amirkhanian, Michael Peppe, and Kenneth Atchley. 

This book compilation, devoted to the work of composers who employ speech and texts in their work, was elegantly designed and printed in a limited edition of 3000 in 1986. Long out of print, a few copies of the first (and only) edition in mint condition have been made available for sale on this website at the original price. Classic texts include Cage's "MUSHROOMS et Variationes," Robert Ashley's "Improvement (Don Leaves Linda)," songs by Yoko Ono and Laurie Anderson, Charles Amirkhanian's "Hypothetical Moments in the Intellectual Life of Southern California," Michael Peppe's "Actmusikspectakle V" and K. Atchley's "Edison's Las Project(ion)," all introduced by Charles Shere.—Charles Amirkhanian 

Chosen by the N.E.A. for the “New American Writing Exhibition” at the 1987 Frankfurt Book Fair, where Burning Books was cited as “one of the best independent presses of the year.”

Long thought out-of-print, Other Minds has obtained directly from the publisher the last remaining copies in mint condition.

Format: Large Paperback; Edited by Melody Sumner, Kathleen Burch, Michael Sumner; Publisher: Burning Books, Oakland, 1986


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