another small book of rounds, compiled by larry polansky

This collection began in 2005 with just a few rounds, and grew steadily over the years. When there were enough new rounds to add, I would make a new printed “edition” by hand — usually fifty to one hundred copies. I gave them away for free. In this manner, many copies were produced and distributed.

a small book of rounds eventually became too big to produce on my kitchen table, and in 2014 I published an edition comprising around 400 rounds, again, giving them away freely to anyone who wanted one or who I thought would enjoy having it. I began collecting rounds for the next volume (the current collection) as soon as the first book was published. The design and curatorial idea have not changed since 2005. As always, each composer retains all rights to hisr own work.

“These rounds have been used in many ways: in concert; at “round sings” and parties; in music classes; and mostimportantly, around the house in daily life. They chronicle the quotidian to the miraculous with more or less equal respect. They are beautifully simple and complex, and everything in between. They are the music of a community of friends, many of whom have never met.”

— from the preface to the first book.

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